Betdaq Angel:
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If you are looking to take your activity on BETDAQ to a higher level then download your free version of Betdaq Angel. Bet Angel is the leading producer of cutting edge betting exchange software. Designed by top exchange experts, it will significantly improve your exchange trading and betting capability whatever your choice of sports market. Whether you are looking for standard one click betting, more advanced trading capabilities or want to place bets from a spreadsheet, Bet Angel will fulfil your objective. Bet Angel's extensive tools and capabilities will take your normal betting activity to extraordinary new levels.

Some of Betdaq Angel key features:
Grid and Ladder interfaces with full jockey silks - One click betting with net market position indicator - Advanced and user definable charting tools - Trade calculators - Triggered betting - The ability to Import data and place bets from spreadsheets - Multi market simultaneous betting and trading - Multi screen capability

Betdaq Angel has been developed by Bet Angel Software. For Betdaq Angel support email
*Bet Angel reserve the right to charge for this software in the future.

Betdaq Assistant:
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BETDAQ Assistant is an alternative interface to the BETDAQ website, enabling you to place bets in a very efficient manner.

Some of Betdaq Assistant key features:
One-click betting on all 3 back and lay prices - Continually updated display of potential profit - Option to take profit (or minimise loss) with one click (stake will be auto calculated) - Dutching stakes automatically calculated (just enter profit or liability required) - Forum with direct access to the application where developers and other users can ask for help and make suggestions -Suitable for Windows OS only - Ladder Interface - Tick offset bets

Betdaq Assistant has been developed by GRUSS Software. For support email

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DaqBot provides an enhanced betting interface to the Betting Exchange, Betdaq. Already proven sophisticated technology gives you top of the range betting and trading facilities on Betdaq. DaqBot can help you to improve your performance by giving you many facilities that are not available to you on the exchange.

Some of Daqbot key features:
Grid and Ladder interfaces - Fast Refresh Rate - Stake buttons for the Ladder interface - One-click betting - "Greening Up" feature - Price movement charts directly on the main screen - "Fill or Kill" tool - Dutching feature - Warning Sounds - A countdown clock

Daqbot has been developed by Binteko Software. For support email


BETDAQ Geeks Toy:
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Introducing Geeks Toy trading software - fast, customisable software for betting and trading on BETDAQ - Designed by professional traders, for you!

Key Features include:
- Unlimited desktop settings and the ability to create custom profiles to suit every users needs.
- Unbeatable speed, real time prices and a 1 CLICK BETTING.
- Unique management of multiple markets - you can bet or trade on multiple sporting events simultaneously
- Support for 8 languages. Context driven help on every window.
- Dutching & Bookmaking
- Advanced charting
- Enhanced navigation
- Stop Loss, and more...

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Click here for further information on BETDAQ API

The BETDAQ API enables customers to build customised trading applications that communicate directly with the BETDAQ Betting Exchange. The BETDAQ API has been designed specifically to allow customers to develop tools to automate their trading strategies in a faster and more efficient way than with the traditional Website.